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Super Audits Services provides a thourough independent Self Managed
Super Fund (SMSF) audit service.

We provide a high quality and cost-effective service to accounting & solicitor firms who would like to outsource their SMSF audits to a specialist auditor with exceptional experience & understanding.

When it comes to to SMSF audits, 100% of our time and energy is dedicated,... therfore we are able to be soley focused on giving YOU the highest quality independent & professional audit service available, with a fast turnaround and satisfying result.

As your SMSF audit expert, we can also provide back-office style technical support & information for your practice, this ensures that your firm has access to an experienced "in the know" highly educated SMSF specialists to answer all your compliance questions & enquiries.

We provide you with support & knowledge & up to date requirements to ensure any compliance issues can be accurately assessed and rectified, we will advice you during the audit process or as changes or requirement arise if appropriate. We have vast experience in handling compliance issues and helping clients with assured satisfaction.

Our Audit programs are often updated to keep up with any changes in SMSF legislation. Our practices are written to ensure an efficient, effective & thourough audit. If you are seeking a knowledgeable, experienced and positive approach to handling your compliance issues that will also ensure less risk and liability, we can help!